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CREE latest three-way LED bulb can save 90% energy
 Recently, CREE has launched the latest LED bulb, it with 3 switchable power and brightness. This bulb can be switched the equivalent brightness which offered by incandescent bulb in 30W, 60W and 100W. At the same brightness, this LED bulb can save 90% energy than traditional incandescent bulb.


CREE said the traditional energy-saving lamp or incandescent bulb is always disappointing, because both lamps have no difference on the basic brightness control. In contrast, CREE three-way LED bulb can be switched between 320 lumens, 820 lumens and 1620 lumens. This means that the human eye can detect significant brightness changes, it also with a significant energy saving effect, three lighting power consumption are 3W, 8W and 18W.

This bulb life is expected to reach 25,000 hours, the color temperature is 2700K. CREE said 320 lumens is for ambient lighting, 820 lumens is good for reading, and the 1620 lumens is equivalent to ordinary light bulbs. This LED bulb is sold at $ 24.97 each.